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Horses Help is a premier accredited therapeutic and recreational agency that serves the special needs population by providing activities to empower them to break through physical, cognitive and emotional barriers using a unique collaboration of horses and people.

As a 501(c)(3) and Arizona Qualified Charitable Organization, donations to Horses Help qualify for dollar-for-dollar credit off Arizona resident's taxes.

Most people, including Horses Help supporters, don't know about this benefit. Horse Help doesn't have the staff to explain how tax credits work - again and again. And, the message is complicated for email.


This was a perfect job for a digital assistant who could explain "tax credits" to supporters, varying the message depending on what the person did or did not already know, and then provide an opportunity to send them a reminder or help them make a donation on the spot.

HH DARK Logo 2.png

Next, Horses Help expanded their "digital team" and introduced  Charlotte, a digital volunteer able to share the Horses Help mission and program. Charlotte has interactive conversations, shares videos, collects emails and introduces people to Clifford and Francine.

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